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The Fruit of Her Hands: A Psychology of Biblical Woman

 The Fruit of Her Hands: A Psychology of Biblical Woman Paperback, Matthew B. Schwartz and Kalman J. Kaplan,  – May 18, 2007, Wm. B. Eeerdmans Publishing Company

ISBN 978-0-8028-1772-3

In much of Western literature and Greek mythology, women have an evident lack of purpose; a woman needs to either enter or leave a relationship in order to find herself and her own identity. Matthew Schwartz and Kalman Kaplan set out to prove that the converse is true in the text of the Hebrew Bible. Examining the stories of women in Scripture — Rebecca, Miriam, Gomer, Ruth and Naomi, Lot’s wife, Zipporah, and dozens more — Schwartz and Kaplan illustrate the biblical woman’s strong feminine sense of being crucial to God’s plan for the world and for history, courageously seeking the greatest good for herself and others whatever the circumstances. Empowering, illuminating, and fascinating, The Fruit of Her Hands makes a singular contribution to the fields of biblical and women’s studies.