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TILT: Teaching Individuals to Live Together

TILT: Teaching Individuals to Live Together)] [Author: Kalman J. Kaplan] published on (September, 1998) Hardcover and Paperback – September 24, 1998, Brunner-Mazel Inc (September 24, 1998) Later Taylor and Francis, Later Routledge.

ISBN-13: 978-0876309285
ISBN-10: 0876309287
The TILT Model is an exciting schema for understanding human behavior…in the hands of the skilled professional, it can be used as a precision tool for working with the broad spectrum of psychological problems…An alternative to existing biplar choices, this book looks at individuals and their distances from the self (individuation-deindividuation) and from other (attachment-detachment. Simultaneously theoretical, empirical and applied, this book can be reasonably applied to all types of individuals involved in interpersonal situations, regardless of culture, age, gender or sexual orientation.